Thursday, November 8, 2007

Product Spotlight of the Week

I love getting feedback from our customers and serching for unique and innovative products to match your requests but I will be honest, wraps scare me. And I mean scare me to the point that I have added them to my shopping cart many times just to chicken out at the last minute in a panic not to think of them again for several weeks.

Finally, I came across the Bundleboo, a unique and trendy 10 in 1 baby carrier. What makes the Bundleboo so unique? It is a wrap style carrier with a safety seat! To me, that safety seat was what I needed to give me the confidence to finally purchase my first wrap-style baby carrier.
When my Bundleboo arrived, the panic set in again....what was I thinking? But I was determined to give it a try so I put the DVD on and picked the hold I wanted to try (front cross wrap). I watched the carry instructions 2 or 3 times and then tried it out. It took me 2 tries and we were in, well Cooper was "in". I could barely feel his weight in the carrier but I wanted to put it to the test and planned a trip to the zoo to see how it stood up to a long day of walking.

We got to the zoo and I was happily surprised that I was able to put him in the wrap pretty quickly in the parking lot without a mirror (I was already becoming a pro). Cooper loved the front carry and squealed the first 10 minutes in delight flapping his legs around and the wrap never needed readjusting. The safety seat gave me such peace of mind that I wasn't worried for a moment about his security and after a few hours of walking (only taking the wrap off for bathroom changes) my back felt fine, as if I hadn't been wearing a baby on me all day!

I am a Bundleboo believer now and will be adding this to my babywearing wardrobe...and to our C Berry Baby Stock! In these photos from our trip to the Zoo, I am wearing the Ivory Woodfern with Chocolate Side panel but I have my eye on the new Cleo design!

A Little Bit of Background:
The inventor, Rebekah, is a mother of two and former paramedic. She began making her own wraps as a way to supplement her income so she could stay home with her children. The most common things she heard from other mom's were: “I would be too afraid that my baby would fall out.” “It looks so complicated.” “I’m afraid that I wouldn't do it right.” She began working on a solution and one day she simply cut two roomy leg holes in the center of the fabric, put the wrap on and realized the profound difference that it made. That is how the Bundleboo was born!

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