Monday, November 12, 2007

Midland Street Fair

Well, we survived our first Street Fair. Thanks to those who came to show their support (and shop), it was a long day but it was also a great success! I loved being able to talk with customers and get feedback on our line!

Some of my favorite moments were when a sweet girl who was 3 months pregnant, purchased her first items for her baby (a Mei Hip Carrier and a Diaper Clutch) and the sweet Schwans guy that snuck over to buy a Peanut Shell Sling that his fiancee had been wanting as a special surprise! I also got to see a lot of old friends, some old students (from when I was a preschool teacher) and I feel like I made a few new friends as well!

My mini "Cooper" is always my best advertising tool. He hung out in his Mei Hip Carrier for 5 hours (rocked out in his Buddah Belly Onesie, Fern Gully BabyLegs and his Football Kensington Baby Hat) and he never fussed.....he is such an angel! My 4 year old, Chase, definitely has a flare for sales as he asked everybody who walked by if they had a baby at their house because they needed BabyLegs. Jonas was a great help with handing out flyer's and setting up!

I always enjoy really getting to demonstrate and show off the great products we carry to people. There are certain things that need to be seen- like the Secure2Me Blankets. They are always such a huge hit in person but I have a hard time online truly portraying how useful, unique and luxurious they are. While other items, like the Vital ID wristbands, are better online where they are explained.

After 10 hours on my feet I was incredibly tired and lost my voice again but it was worth it, I had a great time! Thursday we will be at My Kids Clubhouse in Poway, Ca from 10 to 12 for a smaller holiday fair....hope to see some of you there!

SPECIAL THANKS to my BFF Trae, my niece Shea, and my trooper husband Shawn, for all their help! I could not have done it without you guys!

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