Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No More Time-Outs for Me, Mom!

As I am sure many of you have figured out by now, my four year-old is quite a character! He fills our lives with a lot of laughter but as you would expect with that much personality, he also has his challenging moments (to put it really mildly). Lately he has been an excellent helper and great big brother but he has been driving my eldest son intentionally crazy which has lead to some interesting tattle telling and a lot of sibling bickering.

I was very happy when he came to me the other day and told me he wasn't ever going to have any more time-outs! I loved that he was becoming so aware of his actions and was making a conscious effort to improve his behavior! Well, I should have realized something was up. I was cleaning the floors and found this under our dining room bench seat.......
He had hidden his time-out spot so he couldn't have any more time-outs! I have to give him credit for the creativity!

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