Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CD Cover Tutorial

This is such an easy and quick project I almost feel silly posting it. It can also be made with fabric or felt and would be great for a valentines gift for your sweetheart with a mix CD!


(2) 5" by 11" sheets of main paper
(1) 2 1/2" by 12" sheet of coordinating paper
(2) 6" lengths of ribbon
optional embellishments
5" Xyron machine or adhesive (double stick tape, glue)
craft glue

First I ran one of the main sheets through the Xyron machine to cover it with adhesive (you can also just use double sided tape or glue). I then attached the ribbon lengths to each end.

note: the back side of my main paper is light blue

Then I secured the other main panel on top. The double thickness not only holds the ribbon, it also creates extra sturdiness to protect the CD.
I then folded the assembled main piece and the coordinating paper in half.

I glued along the bottom and side edges and at the crease making sure to leave a pocket open for the CD and the song list.
I then lined up the bottom edges of coordinating paper strip and the main paper and secured the two together. Once dry, you can insert the CD in one pocket and the playlist in the other. On this case, I chose to glue the playlist on one side instead...just depends on my mood!

For a variation, you can also use an jumbo brad and elastic for your closure. A few tips on this are:

1. use an eyelet to secure your elastic so it doesn't pull or rip the paper when used

2. align your brad and eyelet closer to the bottom (versus center) so that the coordinating panel will cover the brads/eyelet backs

3. cover the backs of the brad and eyelet with a sticker or square of paper so they don't scratch the CD!

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