Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deep Thoughts by Chase the 5 year old

So I thought these discussions on Martin Luther King Jr. would be fun to share! The other day when we were driving home from the park, Chase asked if we could see a graveyard (he has been in to ghost stories lately).

So, I took him by our local cemetary. First he asked which grave was Jesus', when I told him Jesus wasn't buried here, he proceeded to ask which grave was for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s. I then told him that Poppa had met Martin Luther King Jr, to which he replied that so had Michelle in his class, who is 5 years old :o)

When I told his teacher, she laughed and told me that when she finished her lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr. she told all the kids that he had been shot and died. All the children were silent and in shock then Chase spoke up, " If he is dead, then why are we celebrating his Birthday?" be five again!

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