Friday, August 22, 2008

An Addition to Your Prayers

As some of you may have heard, well known blogger NieNie , her husband, and another pilot were in a horrible plane crash last Saturday. Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were both in critical condition in the burn unit but thankfully have now been moved to trauma patients. The other passenger, Doug Kinneard, passed away leaving behind a loving wife and four children. Nie Nie and her husband have a long recovery ahead of them and their medical bills are expected to be in the millions.There are other ways to contribute to this family, through the accounts they have set up. (check for details of which banks have accounts). If you were planning to contribute to the family in that way, PLEASE DO!

Also, they have a badge you can add to your blog.

You can also visit Shawnellars on Etsy. All of the proceeds (besides shipping) are being donated to the foundation.

May all of hearts and prayers go out to this beautiful, spiritual, and loving family


I put all of your blog entries and emails in a bowl and Chase got to do the choosing! The winner is....drumroll please........Kathy who said:

#2 Petal Play because I love the bottom trim fabric (same as the waist band). It reminds me of a Hawaiian Happy Coat that I have. All of these are lovely. I hope to win.Kathy
Thanks for all of your sweet (and funny) comments!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A GIVEAWAY-New Crayon Apron Designs


Here is a quick, rough, sneak peak at our newest crayon apron designs. I would love to hear what you think! Simply comment below on which new design is your favorite (make sure that your email address is accessible or feel free to enter by email at I will pick one random comment on August 22nd and the winner will receive an apron of their choice!

#1 Spring Dahlia

#2 Petal Play
#3 Kleo Dot

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Asked For It

A lot of you have contacted me about when I was going to create a crayon apron for boys. Since I have 3 boys myself, you'd think this would have been developed earlier but truth be told, I am really picky on my boy's stuff and wanted to find the right way to keep it simple while using fun fabrics.

Introducing the Reversible Crayon Tool Belt for boys! When he doesn't want to use it for crayons, you can turn it around to the other side and use it to hold tools, rocks, cars or whatever boys stuff they want! It is sized for toddler through age six and is ideal for preschool age children. It ties using simple D-Rings and twill tape. More colorways coming soon.

Kindergarten Watch Out!

Well, today was the day. Chase started Kindergarten and Jonas was off to 7th grade (if I took pictures of that he would ban from going to his school ever again).

The house is too, too quiet. I have Cooper here to keep me company but it isn't the same, I miss my kiddos already. Now I just need to brace myself for homework duty again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pop Garden Fabric Giveaway

I just came across this and had to share though it is pretty last minute

Want to win some Pop Garden Fabric? PinkFig has a lot and need to get it moving so how about this: Mention this contest on your blog using the image above and a link to her blog and you will be entered to win a 4 yard sample pack!If you purchase anything from her shop mention this contest when you checkout and she'll put in 3 extra entries for you. Sign up for her Pink Fig Fabrics mailing list and I'll put in another 3 entries for you.(My mailing list is on the left, scroll down a little, It's pink and green). Don't forget to leave a commenton her blog letting her know you linked her on your blog and please pass the word along! She will be drawing a name for the Free Fabric on Monday August 18th.

Oh wait! What about the non sewers? Well how about this: if you don't sew, but still love the fabric she'll offer another prize. Follow all of the steps above, but when you leave your comment put: notasewer at the bottom and she'll enter you in a separate drawing for a Girly Skirt made from Heather's fabric in the size of your choice (ages 6 months to 7 years).

It doesn't get much better!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OKAY, so I totally get it!

I had seen a few interviews on the upcoming Twilight movie and how the fan based rivaled that of Harry Potter. I love to read but have never been much of a fantasy/romance enthusiast and (although I love vampire romance movies like Underground) so I had never given much thought to The Twilight Series. I had started seeing such wonderful women like Sandi and Meg posting their excitement about the newest book called Breaking Dawn and that really peaked my curiosity.

Then, while on vacation I was watching a morning talk show and the author, Stephanie Meyer was being interviewed. She had never planned on writing a book but she had an intense dream about two people madly in love in a meadow and the whole time he was fighting the urge to kill her. She didn't want the dream to end so she began writing it all down and creating more and the series began.

The way she described the characters with such a true loving emotion (there is a great post she wrote about it here), I decided that would have to be my next read. A few days after returning to town, I was visiting my neighbor, Melanie, and she mentioned she was reading the new book Breaking Dawn and and her daughter let me borrow the first two books, Twilight and New Moon. I started reading Twilight Sunday night and I was instantly obsessed. I don't think I have ever intentionally read a book so slowly so that I could picture every detail in my mind. I was in love with Edward and Bella almost immediately. The first night I read 358 pages, the entire next day I was obsessed with bed time approaching so I could finish Twilight (which I did) but I couldn't get them out of mind all day so it felt torturous having to sew orders and feed kids instead of reading more. So the following evening I opened New Moon and about 398 pages in decided I was too deep now to stop and read until I finished it this morning at 2:30 am.

My neighbor is out of town so I can't steal the next installment, Eclipse, so I am seriously considering buying it today. I am actually sad that there are only 2 more books to read in this series but am rescued from my self wallowing in the knowledge that she is writing Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edward's point of view.

If you haven't read Twilight, read it now. Even if you think it isn't your type of book, trust me it will be.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Is That Time Again

No, I did not open an office supply store, this is my first round of back to school items off the school lists (besides the backpacks of course). Playdough? Really? Okay, I just get what I am told.

Of course this pic doesn't show the gym clothes, locks, kleenex or the items I will have to go back to get once school starts and the teachers give me their personal classroom list.....whatever happened to the days when you just showed up with pencil and paper?

At least I am done for now, broke and worn out from the summer break really almost over?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hard at Work in the New Studio

I have been busy putting together my new studio (formerly known as the garage). I needed a space where I could seperate my work from the main house but have room for the kids to play safely. Knowing the puppies were coming, I had to move fast on a small budget to make sure my workspace would remain pet free. My ducky friends Abigail and Henry have been keeping me company while I work on the finishing touches.............

On another note, I made a pincushion out of scraps today using Heather Bailey's new tutorial using fabrics from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sugar & Spice

Our neighbors had a litter of puppies and gave us these two. They are part Sharpei and part Shitzu and are so adorable and sweet! We had only planned on taking Sugar but we are trying out Spice to see if it will be a good fit to keep the sisters together.
If it works out, I will need to get another doggie bed.....don't you just love this bed I had custom made by Lilly Goat? It is just gorgeous and it is a removable cover so it can be thrown in the I need to pick out some stylin' collars!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

21 Gallons of Milk

14 days and 21 gallons of milk later and it is finally time to head home. I had a great time with the kids visiting my parents but now it is time to get back to reality AND to my husband who is on a plane home right now!

The car is loaded to the brim...... I almost had to leave a kid behind (wink)! We are going to head out for the 7 hour drive bright and early and much slower this time (ugghh).....wish me luck!

p.s. the kids should have a special suprise waiting..........stay tuned

Friday, August 1, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane....Monterey

I was born in Monterey and lived there a whopping 7 days but my parents lived there for two years. For our last big outing this trip, we went to Monterey for the day. We went to the tide pools except the tide was in so we just played on the shore, we went to Cannery Row (made famous by the John Steinbeck's novel), we ate on the Fisherman's Wharf and drove up to Pebble Beach.

This is the Lone Cypress that has survived around 250 years of Pacific Storms out on this cliff!

This one was right after his brother put a pile of seaweed down his back........

Skipping Rocks............

OOPS, I guess we missed this sign on the way down :o)

Cruisin' for chicks on the Fisherman's Wharf