Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Is That Time Again

No, I did not open an office supply store, this is my first round of back to school items off the school lists (besides the backpacks of course). Playdough? Really? Okay, I just get what I am told.

Of course this pic doesn't show the gym clothes, locks, kleenex or the items I will have to go back to get once school starts and the teachers give me their personal classroom list.....whatever happened to the days when you just showed up with pencil and paper?

At least I am done for now, broke and worn out from the crowds......is summer break really almost over?

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Giabella Designs said...

Hey Debye,

I work at a middle school and sometimes those back to school lists weren't even made up by the teachers! It is a generic list that is why each teacher has their own list when you get to their class. I won't even buy from the "by grade" school list. I wait until back to school night to get each list. Unfortunately, wal-mart or target is a MADHOUSE the weekend before school starts! It is like black friday after thanksgiving!