Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal Updates

Okay, I have been neglecting my family and friends who check in here for personal updates. Here is status on da boys!

This is where you will find Jonas every week day. He is now doing Independent Study program from home in order for me to monitor his work, help him get organized and bring his grades up. Being a mother of a child with ADHD who is a smart GATE student now getting D's and F's is challenging. The school system just seems to want to ignore the problem but I just can't.
Meet Chase's "cool shirt". It dictates what he takes to school for lunch (it can only be cool stuff that isn't messy) although it doesn't have powers to fix his morning bed head.


Climbed (or should I say crashed) out of his crib the other day so now he is in a "big boy" bed. When he first saw it, he just stood there smiling. Strangely (but thankfully) he hasn't figured out that he can crawl in and out of it yet.


Christopher is with us again for the 4th time since right before Christmas but hopefully it will be more long term this time so he can go home to more stability. Baby Ray is also still here and we hope he will get to go home with his mom soon which is definitely the best thing for him! Having 5 boys right now (3 of them under 2) is quite challenging to say the least. My sanity is quickly starting to chip away!!

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