Friday, February 20, 2009

100 Altered Journals on the Wall.......

Well, not quite 100, 60 to be exact! These journals were all made using this great tutorial by Grace Violet and are gifts to the sisters in our Relief Society.

As you can imagine, when making this many of anything you learn a few tips. First off, do NOT use the Glossy Mod Podge. Even if it seems like a fun finish just put it down and walk away. It will stay slightly tacky even when dry and will stick to the other books even weeks later when you think it is safe and you will not be able to pull them apart without ripping the cover and then you'll have to remake those ...sniff......

Also, a magazine is your best friend when decoupaging. Use a page as your work surface for the front cover and then when you go to decoupage the back cover, flip the page so you have a clean, Mod Podge free work surface, then repeat.

The journals you see in the pictures are all straight forward and simple because of the amount but for personal ones, and gift giving....have fun with it! Add embellishments, journaling strips, different papers, ets., the possibilities are limitless. Journaling is such a wonderful way to get in touch with yourself and the influences that are effecting your life, to track goals, improve prayers, and so much more. My friend Kelli keeps a journal for each child to record the funny things they say and stories of how they are, how great is that?

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