Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Lovin' it Monday-Seams to Me

I picked up this book awhile ago and instantly fell in love. The book is bursting with great patterns that you will want to make, from the "I'll have one of Everything" bag to embroidered dish towels, an apron, skirts and a quilt with circles!
Another thing I truly value in this book are the tips and techniques in the begininng. As a new wave self-taught seamstress there are terms and tricks that I am not familiar with and this book covers them all with illustrations. I often flip to these pages when I want to try a new stitch or get a quick tip on my bias tape binding!
Still not sure, check out the Seams to Me Flick Pool to see all the beautiful things people are making!

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Tiff said...

That book is on my wishlist!!! Hopefully next week I can order it!