Tuesday, October 14, 2008

one of THOSE nights

We welcomed an adorable new Foster son on Saturday afternoon. He is an absolute breeze but the first night in a new place was a little rough on him which made it a little rough on us. Since I don't nap unless I have to (trust me, it is for everyone's safety. I am a huge grump if I nap) I am still playing catch up.

Fast forward to 1:57 am this morning. I awoke to a strange almost barking sound on the baby monitor. Now if one baby wakes up, the other will wake up so I jumped up too quick (head rush)and opened the door, stepped out to the hall and.... into a huge puddle of puppy pee. Oops, I forgot to take the puppies out one last time and I must have slept through them scratching at my door. Back on track, get baby making strange noises before the other starts crying. As I get to the stairs the strange almost barking sound has become a louder real barking sound. The baby gate was left open and I realize that Chewey (the hyper puppy) is in the babies room. Oh crud. Cooper HATES loud noises and our new foster son does not like the puppies yet......this is not good.

Chewey and I pass each other on the stairs. Cooper is crying so I run into the room and grab him just as the new little guy starts crying. One bullet dodged. I walk to my bedroom making sure to dodge the pee puddle in the dark, no such luck....gross! I wake up my husband, who has the amazing ability to sleep through these things or at least effectively pretend he is, and hand off Cooper. I put Chewey outside as a "time out" (which mostly upsets her sister Sugar) and move on to cleaning up the pee puddle..... and my feet.

Now, one thing about Cooper is that once he is up, he is up. So he proceeded to play in our bed until 4 am. Since my husband was working upstairs until late last night making him the last one down and the culprit who left the gate open that started this whole fiasco, I decided I was justified to roll the other way and sleep through Cooper's 2 hour play time session. It won't win me the wife of the year award but there is always next year :o)


Tiff said...

what a night!! I have stepped in a puddle or two in my time!!!

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

I hate those nights...and I think it was total just desserts that you went back to bed!