Friday, October 10, 2008

I Can't Believe I Am Telling You This

My kids are BIG infomercial junkies, really, it is the truth. I, however, am not. With a pantry full of unused gadgets the kids have talked Nana into getting "me" I had to put my foot down somewhere!

Enter, the Pancake Puff. I remember Chase coming to us as a toddler excited about the commercial he had seen for these saying we really needed to have this! Since that day, every time the infomercial came on, I have been attacked with begging, pleading boys desperate for the Pancake Puff. My little chef Jonas, was so amazed he could make his famous omelets in there and all the amazing possibilities he would go on to list for me. I have never bent on this one. NO WAY!

I thought I made it clear this was never going to join my pots and pans drawer then guess what arrived for the boys yesterday, much to my shagrin........

So who got to make chocolate chip pancake puffs this morning? Thanks a bunch Nana, the kids love it and I, well, I will find a way to get you back :o)


Anonymous said...

now, i ask ya'll - have you EVER seen a happier little camper?! sometimes "the nana" gets to do what "the nana" gets to do!! and i'm really shaking in my shoes about what she'll get me back with sooner or later!!! what? make me babysit!!! being a spoiler is tough but someone gets to do it! NANA'S RULE!!!!

Shawnee said...

I will have to admit we own one of these pans and have for years, before infomercials. They are used to make traditional Danish pancakes, Aebelskivers .. yummy with powdered sugar!