Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Scale Has Broken

My Scale broke today (no, not from my standing on it). At first I thought it may be an answered prayer but then I realized it is most likely a result of my kids who love to play with it. One thing I will miss about it though is Chase's interesting " weigh ins"

He loves to tell me that his hands weigh two zero, his feet weigh four zero and his head weighs zero. I can see him now......he presses down on the scale with his hands getting it close to twenty. Then he stands on it (getting his actual weight of 40 pounds), then he puts his head on it but in order to see what it weighs, he has to lift his head giving him a zero.......sigh......these moments remind me why I love having kids!


Tiff said...

I wish my scale was broken! Then I would never see the pounds climbing! LOL!

amy said...

hrm.. maybe MY scale is broken. :) that is so cute that he's weighing himself (all parts!) :)