Friday, December 14, 2007

"Chase-isms"....a 4-year-old's world

My 4-year old Chase can talk anyone's ear off, just ask our friends, neighbors, the UPS man and the 911 operator (that's a whole other story). It's not just how much he talks, it is the things that come out of his mouth that make him so hilarious! I thought I'd share a few of what we lovingly call "Chaseisms"..............

Whenever he tells a joke (which only make sense if you are 4 too) he asks, "Did I make you laugh all the way to Africa?"

Today in the car when one of the 6th graders in our carpool asked him when he had made the picture on his shirt, he replied "Oh, just about fifteen hundred years ago."

If he gets hurt instead of a kiss he claims , "A cookie will make it feel better"

If he really wants something he tells you that it will make his heart soooo full of happiness if you give it to him but if you don't his heart will be so sad.

He has officially re-named his little brother "Cooper the Pooper Spitter-Upper"

He asked my mom once (the Nana) why she was short like ET

He thinks his phone number is 2 and tells people to call him all the time.

Once when do I say it politely, passed gas, he said, "I burped out my butt".

Even more potty humor (can you imagine if he reads this one day when he is a teenager) once he was grunting and groaning on the potty and all of a sudden he moans out " home....." my husband and I were actually crying we were laughing so hard!

Hope you got a chuckle out! Have a great day

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Tiff said...

OMG!! Your son is such a comedian! I literally laughed out loud!!