Friday, December 21, 2007

From the 11 year-old's archives

One of my all time favorite stories is from when my eldest son Jonas was just six. I recently told him this story over dinner and he laughed so hard I was worried he might pass out....that means it must be "blog worthy"

We were moving and my husband was trying to come up with games to entertain Jonas in the U-Haul. He came up with the "how many game". How many toes are in the may ears, etc. Jonas has always been quite a know-it-all so my husband had to step up his game a little to how many appendices, how many that Jonas blurted out "TWO"!

My husband and I looked at each other, puzzled, and asked how did you get two? And then he says (completely serious), "well you don't have kid knees and mommy doesn't have kid knees but I have kid knees"

Have a great weekend!


Trae said...

That is one of my FAVORITE Jonas stories ever!

Tiff said...

He hee hee that's funny!! Thanks for the laugh!!