Thursday, December 13, 2007

Make Your Own Marshmallow Shooters

These marshmallow shooters are simple, quick, inexpensive and best of all......not messy to make! They will guaranty hours of family fun (especially when stuffed in every one's stockings for Christmas morning).

Materials Needed:

PVC Pipe from your local home improvement store cut into approx. 10 inch length

White Vinyl Covering (can also use fabric, contact paper, wrapping paper, use your creativity)

Decorative items (ours were made with electrical tape in red and green wrapped like a candy cane but yarn or ribbon works fine as well)

Mini marshmallows

sandwich baggy and ribbon to attach
Simply wrap the PVC Pipe with decorative paper and apply a strip of electrical tape at the top and bottom to secure in place. Next wrap PVC Pipe with electrical tape. Place mini marshmallows in a sandwich bag and secure with ribbon. For fabric, you can also paint glue on the pipe and roll onto the fabric and trim edges.

A mom hint: on Christmas Eve, hide a secret stash of mini marshmallows so you have extra "ammo" on Christmas morning


wutsua said...

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Tiff said...

LOL My hubby would love that. I think a trip to the hardware store is needed tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

How thick is the PVC pipe? Are these mini marshmallows in the photo? Do you blow into the pipe to "shoot" them?