Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Lovin' it Monday

My new issue of Ottobre Design arrived this weekend and I am Lovin' their new summer line! Ottobre Design is a magazine created in Finland that specializes in baby and children's clothing patterns. Each magazine contains over 40 patterns and you will love them all, don't believe me? See for yourself:

What attracted me to Ottobre last year was that they had boy clothing that you would want actually want to put your sons in which is very hard to find. Also, it covers such a great age range so they can grow with you and/or take care of most of your families needs! The magazine does ship from Finland but after receiving these for so long, I can tell you I haven't run into an issues or delays. You can even buy past issues and single issues from their site. Here are a few peaks from inside this issue:

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Tiff said...

I have been wanting a subscription! Thanks for the link. I'm going there right now!