Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living an Inspired Life, or at least trying..........

The past few months I have tried to refocus my life (and my business) on drawing from inspiration from the world around and trying to find ways to "artistically channel"
that inspiration in all that I do. You may have noticed the beginning of these changes but there will be some much bigger ones to come.

Life is all about being in the moment and enjoying it. It may sound like such a simple concept but to me it can be a challenge in the busy world of being a mom and a wife, a blogger and a entusiastic crafter -slash-wanna be artist! I hope you will enjoy the upcoming changes and take joy in the journey with me!

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Anna Maschke said...


I just wanted to tell you that my beautiful bag arrived in the mail. You can see me with in on my other blog...annamaschke.blogspot.com. Thanks. (Oh, and when my husband saw the yard of fabric, he said "wow, that is really you". I love it too!