Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Lovin' It Monday

For this I'm Lovin' it Monday I first must do a shout out to my wonderful friends who I am extra lovin' right now. You'd think from the bouquets of flowers, jewelry, cookies, fruit and the home cooked dinner that were all dropped off for me on my Birthday that I was blessed with the greatest friends on earth, right? Well on top of all of that generosity, two of my closest girlfriends snuck into my house on Friday while I was at Disneyland and scrubbed my home from top to bottom.

How humbling that your friends would help you in a way that you need but would never dream of saying. Not that my house is a dirty mess but with the unexpected addition of two foster babies for the past three and a half months I have struggled every day just to try to keep my head above water. I hope that I can be even half the friend to others that they are to me!

Okay, now for the non-gushy stuff, I am LOVIN' my vinyl lettering from Uppercase Living . I have been wanting to order something from my friend ShaLayne for awhile now but I was so overwhelmed by the endless possibilities so I finally just custom ordered my own phrases. Here are the results:


Tiff said...

Can I borrow your friends? LOL WOW What a blessing to have friends like that! Happy Birthday by the way!

Your house is beautiful and I love the lettering!

The Young Family said...

I'm lovin' the lettering too!

ShaLayne Originals said...

Ohhh they look SO nice, Debye!! You did a fabulous job putting them up! May I put the pics on my website?