Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apron Angel-Hurricane Ike

With Chase turning five (will post more on this later) I was so crazy last week I hadn't made my apron for the Apron Angels for Hurricane Ike. I whipped this one up last night to send to Shawnee (who is handling the distribution) and I am going to have to make more for myself!

This apron was based on the Cherry Bistro pattern in A is Apron's. I didn't use the actual pattern since it was easy to figure out by eye. It took me under an hour to whip up using these great new fabric's from Amy Butlers new Daisy Chain line. I also lined the panel with white chenille in order for it to be used as a dish towel. I hope whoever receives it is able to feel a small amount of comfort during this difficult time!


Sarah said...

lining the center panel of the apron is such a great idea!

And don't you just LOVE Amy Butler's new fabric... I need to get myself some more already.

Shawnee said...

That is just the coolest apron. Thanks so much!!