Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nicknames? What are yours?

I always find it amazing how nicknames or pet names just seem to be born. I had always wanted to call my sons "Tiger" or "Sport" but instead different nicknames just surfaced.....I couldn't help it!

Jonas- Any version of "Boog". Boog-a-boo, Boogy Man, etc

Chase- his name just fit him to perfectly since we have never stopped chasing him around. Instead of a nickname, his name has branched out into its own type of noun, adjetive, verb......like our favorite Chaseism's!
Cooper- Chunkey Monkey (poor thing)

For me, well that is a funny story. I was born during the Star Wars Era. My mom thought the Ewoks were adorable and meant for that to be my nickname. Unfortunately, she got the names mixed up and started calling me her Wookie...which was the Chewbaca character's race. rrrrrrrr......(imagaine the Chewbaka sound)!

I would LOVE to hear about your pet names for yourself or others!!!


Tiff said...

Well my Brother and husband call me "T" . We call TIger, "the Stinker" and Little Monkey, is "Bud". Oh and Baby Girl, we actually call her Baby Girl! Imagine that!
Not very original But they answer to them!

Tracey said...

My husband and I met at a Christian camp and we had nicknames there. My husband was Sparticus and my nickname was Fiefel (they spelled it wrong and it stuck). I was supposed to be Fievel from American Tail. I have been told I looked like a cute mouse. I was skinny then! When we get together with all of our camp friends - they still call us Sparty and Fief! Love it!

Sherri said...

Too funny, I call my youngest son, Luke, Wookie or Shmoo ... the other 2 kidlets din't really have nicknames. My dh used to call me Little, and who knows why since I'm taller than him - lol