Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From My Window

A lot of you have asked, how I do raise 3 boys, run a boutique and sew everything for my Etsy store? Truth be told lately I feel like I am doing a lot more sewing for orders then "mommying" which is not quite what I had in mind. This is the view from my sewing table so far this summer :

As adorable as it is, I want to be part of the fun........not just an observer. Sewing keeps me sane but sometimes it does the opposite. Before the summer slips by, I have decided to wind down my Etsy shop until August. I am not going to be listing (or relisting) any new items until then and you will notice my blog posts are less frequent.

I am getting most of my bolts from Sandi Henderson's new fabric line, Farmers Market, this week so I am going to be creating a new line and will offer some sneak peaks here and there on my blog. We are going to also take some time to drive up to Northern California to visit my parents and attend the San Francisco Fabric Show (you can't expect me to go cold turkey) and then when I am back, refreshed and "re-bonded" with my kiddos, I will start releasing the new line!


Karen said...

thanks for this post...i can totally relate and it's nice to hear that sometimes you have to reprioritize and focus on the "little things". so glad i found your blog...

Zoƫ said...

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for you nice words on my blog.

I am glad you are taking some time off. It will make it that much more fun when you get back to it.

Graceful Babies said...

totally understand!! Thank you for the comment on my blog!
I made my daughter a felt play lunch set today and she was estatic!! It was so great to sew for her and my son again....I havent done it in so long ...really missed....Have a GREAT summer with those way too cute boys of yours!!