Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Motherhood Means to Me

To me motherhood means so many things, how can you possibly summarize.....but I will try. It is full of laughter, struggles, joy and tears but at the end of the day, my greatest blessings in life call me Mom.

As a mother, there is a time to hold your children up and a time to let them walk on their own. Some of the my most precious memories come when silently observing from afar when no one I am watching. This picture, to me, represents both of these things.

Always be sure to savor the little things because in the end those little moments are what will matter most!

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Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mother and wife..the "men" in this photo are truly blessed to have you in their lives... and so are we... Love, Mom and Dad

Debye said...

Awww.....I learned it all from the best!

Anonymous said...

All those times she spent in time out - standing in the corner or sitting at the breakfast bar - all those weekends grounded(!) - they were all tough - but I look at the beautiful woman, wife, mother and best friend I could ever hope to have and I just say "Amen" to my answered prayers. From the first moment I held her in my arms I knew she would be everything her dad and I dreamed of having - and she is.... NOW... all of you who read this call your mother, daughter, grandmother, aunts or ANYONE you wish you could hug this very minute..I'm calling Debye and then my mama... have a Happy Mother's Day! Nana (Mom)

Debye said...


Peculiar said...

This just pulls at my heartstrings. Thanks for sharing this one.