Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today was a Beautiful Day!

It was 95 degrees here in San Diego today but the heat didn't stop it from being a great day! The Scripps Ranch Farmers Market went really well and my new Etsy friend Gina from Pipsqueaks stopped by to bring me the custom letters she painted for Chase's room (I'll post those at a later date, they are unbelievably adorable).
Afterwards Shawn and I worked in the yard while Cooper watched and played under a tree. It seemed like so long since we were outside working on the yard together. With 3 boys and a foster son, life can be a little blurry at times! And at the end of the day, I rewarded myself by trimming a bouquet of roses for my dining room and I was able to drop off an equally large vase full of roses on my neighbors front porch just to brighten their day too!


Tiff said...

Wow sounds like a great day!! Yep it's hard with three kids (two of them toddlers)to work in the yard with my husband. We have to have the eyes in the back of our heads to watch them constantly!

jessica said...

those pictures are really awesome i luv all the pics on your blog