Monday, April 7, 2008

I LOVE Spring Break!

As I lounge in bed at 6:53am with only one baby awake and with me while the other three are asleep (we still have our foster baby) I am reveling in the simple fact that I do not have to run through the house in 5 minutes to wake up the kids, whip up a breakfast, remind them five times not to play around and brush their teeth, get dressed and comb their hair....wait 5 minutes...and remind them again. Run out the door with a baby in each arm, buckle three kids into a carseat, drive to school reminding my 6th grader not to draw during class time and to PLEASE remember to bring all his books and assignments home so I don't have to bring him back to school an hour after school and wait while he finds a custodian to open his class (this happens at least twice a week) .......whew, I am tired just thinking about it.

Ahhhh.......7:01 and I am still in bed. I love Spring Break!

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Graceful Babies said...

You have foster babys :) that is soo wonderful. My husband and I want to do foster care when the kids are older. You are amazing for doing that!