Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Product Alerts

Business was so busy during the holidays that my house got a little out of sorts (to say the least) so I promised myself that I would take a little break until I was caught up at home. Well, the garage is organized, toys have all been sorted and put away and I spent all of last week adding fun and creative new products!

Happy Heiny One-Size Diapers: I LOVE these one-size diapers so much that I have switched to them exclusively! I have used (and liked) other one-size diapers ,such as Bum Genius, but these are by far the best. They use the same milled fleece as with all HH diapers and they have more size settings than any other one-size I have seen. They will fit all the way from birth to "toddler-hood" talk about a great money saver! Also, if you have two kids in diapers at the same time, they can be shared.

Graceful Babies Reusable Wipes & Nursing Pads: Cut down on the clutter, shopping trips and SAVE money! If you cloth diaper, you will recognize the benefit of using cloth wipes. What do you do with a dirty disposable wipe when you have no disposable diaper to roll it up in?With these reusable wipes, you can simply throw them in the diaper pail with your cloth diapers for laundry day. Graceful Babies nursing pads are washable and waterproof because they have a PUL waterproof layer on the back. Filled with microfleece they are super absorbent and the soft cotton flannel against your skin is much more comfortable than the disposables that sometimes stick....ouch!

Noli n Nali Organic & Natural Products: This new line of baby and mommy products is one of my favorite lines. I have eczema and have passed it on to two of my boys so we all use the baby bar. The chamomile willow shampoo smells delicious and is very light which may be a factor in Coopers hair standing straight up :o)

Moby Wrap Baby Carriers: Affordable, easy to use and comfortable. Wraps are great for distributing babies weight. I love to use them on big outings like amusement parks, the zoo, etc. so I can avoid a stroller in the crowds!

HABA Toys: the name HABA stands for high quality products and age appropriate materials. HABA uses mainly wood, especially European forestry products - Maple and Beech. These woods have a long tradition in the production of toys and wood is a naturally germ-free material. These toys will last generation after generation and are sure to be one of babies favorites! My 4 year-old still likes to play with them as well!

Ooga Booga:These adorable little monsters are hand made in Australia using wool felt and 100% cotton. Choose from Orange Spikey OogaBoogas, Green OogaBoogas and Yellow Two Eyed Oogaboogas.Each Ooga Booga is one of a kind and makes a great gift! Our Ooga Booga's are custom made for our store and do not have any buttons, teeth and are tightly stitched.

Slick Sugar Newborn Gown: A definite must have for your future rock star! Makes a great Baby Shower Gift! So much so that we have added this Gown to our Rockin' Baby Gift Set!

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Tiff said...

Debye WOW what great products!!! I will have to make some extra money so I can go shopping on your site!!