Friday, May 29, 2009

The little moments.....

Remember how being on a swing was the greatest feeling in the world? I would love spending a summer day on the swing with a friend feeling the wind rush by my cheek as the world around became a blur. Here is to the little moments in life.......Happy Friday!

p.s. I wish the boys always played together this well!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just love apron swaps, as if you didn't notice. The Busy Bee Apron Swap is wrapping up and was hosted by the talented duo Shawnee and Lucy! The theme was gardening and you were able to pick whether you wanted a gathered apron, gardening apron or a garden party apron. This is what I received my partner, Cynthia along with some other great goodies. I just love the color scheme, it defintitely reminds me of a summer garden and this pattern is one of my favorites, although I've only ever made them as gifts! Thanks again Cynthia

And here is the apron I made for my partner. She requested this pattern and mentioned that she loved polka dots and morning glories, so I think I covered all my bases!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

saying Bye Bye to "The Buck"

Okay, so lately I have had an addiction to Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate...yummy. At least one a day (sometimes two). My husband has been trying to wean me off for financial reasons but for the last 5 months they have been my treat to myself in a hectic world.
So, what has finally stopped me cold turkey? Pull up the nutritional information on your favorite Strarbucks treat and you may do the is what I was putting in my body everyday and (hopefully) the explanantion behind my expanding waistline.........

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Lovin' It Monday

Okay, how can you NOT be lovin' this dress from Downeast Basics? I immediately fell in love with the Plaza Dress! Fun tuxedo ruffle, polka dots, coordinating buttons and belt in a contrasting color.....I'm sold. But what makes this dress even better is that it is $9.99 right now. Wanna know something more? You can get an additional 30% off by entering the promo code SPRINGSALE....that makes it $6.99 . For me, my grand total for one dress WITH shipping was $12.94.

They must have just found a stash of these in storage since it was from their holiday 2007 line. I love that the two color choices offer completely different looks. Teeny black and white polka dots or large cider colored spots with the great purple accents! So, I bought them both for less then the price of what you could get a dress for on sale for at Target! Now, if they only sold that great yellow bag.....

Let's move on now for what I am lovin' for my crafting. I just love these sentiment flashcards from 7 Gypsies, what a fun addition to any layout or album. And this Birds Of A Feather chipboard set from Maya Road is just so inspiring, you will want to add one to every project!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Look for me and Etsy

I have been taking some time off from the "retail business" and dabbling in new crafts and techniques. Today I revamped my Etsy store with my first "home made" banner which is actually a layout that I scanned and cropped.

Along with the new look I am adding new types of products...paper crafting. You see, paper crafting can move room to room with me when I can't be in the studio for long without the toddlers attempting to kill each other plus.....I just love it!

How do you like the new look? You can see it better here

I'm Lovin' It....Friday????

Okay, I am breaking from the norm here. I want to share something I am lovin' BEFORE the three day weekend since it is a movie rental.

Lately, I have found myself shying away from comedies since they all seem to be in a competition of who can cuss the most, gross you out more with "potty humor" (as we say it in our house), and lets not forget the fun new thing.......male nudity on men you would never want to see in that state. To me, it has just stopped being about being funny and has just become a shock value type of humor.

My hubby and I decided to rent Yes Man and I am telling you it was great! I giggled out loud a LOT, which isn't normal for me. And besides the elderly neighbor, the humor was classicly funny without having to be gross to get a laugh. I found this movie refreshing, light and sweet. So if you haven't seen it yet, consider checking it out! Rated PG-13

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thought to Ponder

"Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What happens when.... don't drain the tub fast enough? They get back in!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Cooper

We survived another party and what fun we had! Follow the dino tracks for a quick wrap-up...
We had tables set up with dino balloons (upside down balloons with dino faces drawn on) and table settings weighed down with sidewalk chalk eggs. I had a hard time finding non-scary dinosaur supplies so we improvised!

I used a dinosaur border punch from EK Success (purchased at Michaels) and punches borders on carstock as a placemat.

The goodie bags were plastic pail and shovels filled with goodies and dinosaur color sheets I printed from online.

Each kiddo got a dinosaur hat. Quick tip: to avoid having to size 30 hats or deal with yarn, use pipecleaners. A two second twist and it is done....viola!

Cooper loved the bouncer (this was before the crowd) at one point we had thirty kids going crazy in our yard :o)

Had to sneak in a photo of the party skirt. No, I am NOT pregnant. Some people have beer guts, I seem to be devolping a hot cocoa gut.

And what party is complete without a two year old wielding a baseball bat?

Someone forgot to give Cooper the memo that we don't eat the candle......

and finally, present time!!! Happy Birthday Cooper !

Friday, May 15, 2009

What I have been up to.....

No, we aren't sick again (amen). It is Cooper's 2nd Birthday tomorrow so I have been busy preparing dinosaur hats, cake, goody bags and all the fun stuff that goes into throwing a party (like cleaning-yuck). Here are a few little glimpses of the happenings in our household.......

Somehow I did manage to squeeze in sewing a party skirt for me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Inspired Art Quilt

If you read my blog, you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Donna Downey, to me she is a kindred spirit (although I highly, highly doubt she thinks of me that way). This is just my latest one of her projects. It is an art quilt and I can tell you now that these are fun and addicting!

I am already on my second one and dreaming of my third. If you look at each square as it's own mini canvas, it really enhances the creative process. And while this one can hang on my wall, I see the possibilites for scrapbooking layouts and even a fabric book!

fabric: Heather Baileys PopGarden
chipboard Embellishments: Maya Road
Key Hole: Tim Holtz
Birdcage Stamp: Hero Arts
Phrase Stamps: 7 Gypsies
Love Ticket and Typewriter Letters: Making Memories

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Lovin' It Monday

In honor of National Wear Your Apron Day, this I'm Lovin' it Monday will be on, you guessed it, APRONS!

I am Lovin' this new pattern I purchased from Grand Revival Design called the Stella Apron. I love the feminine simplicity and the half pretty. While you are there, check out their fabrics (she says while wiping the drool off her chin).Next, if you love aprons and you still don't have this book, what is wrong with you? Go, get it now!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thought and the Festival of the Arts

"My heart will take me to the top or take me to the bottom,
My heart will determine where my final destination is going to be"

Our Stake Relief Society is having a Festival of Arts Show featuring different artists interpretation of the theme, "The Lord Looketh Upon The Heart" based on 1 Samuel 16:7: "for the Lord seeth not as man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

I immediately knew I wanted to do a scrapbook style layout for this project but I had been seeking inspiration on how to pull that off. Afterall, it didn't seem to right to put a picture of how we see each other on the outside on a layout meant to express that we are truly judged and seen by what is inside. Then it came to me that it shouldn't be so much of a standard photograph but an expression, a reflection of the heart and I thought of my favorite photo of Jonas and started cropping and printing it different ways. I was relieved that it all came together like I pictured it in my head (which isn't always the case) and I can't wait to see all of the other entries!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Whimsy in an Apron

Still inspired by the Festival of Arts theme (you'll learn more about this tomorrow), I whipped up this whimsical apron yesterday. I had loved making this apron pattern for my swap partner a while back but I still hadn't gotten around to making one for myself until now. I love how the pleating on this apron is similar to that of a dress and I am crazy over the bodice and halter.

Can't you just picture me picking apples from my orchard or vegetables from my garden (i have neither) and skipping into the house to bake a pie?

I added a special message in an embellishment as a special reminder of what is important, I wonder if I could get away wearing it around town today because I really don't want to take it off!

100 Inchies Project, #51-60 Summer Theme

While I struggled with the last theme (Under the Sea) and felt the inchies did not reflect my personal style, this theme (Summer) came easily to me and I feel is a true reflection of my artistic style, love it or not! I had wanted to mix my favorite mediums, fabric, paper, ribbon and buttons. Combining mediums on a one inch square can be challenging but I am happy with the way they came out, hopefully my partners will like them!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Little Mother's Day Treat

I am lucky to say that I am friends with some pretty fabulous women that just also happen to be fabulous Moms. Better yet, they help me to be a better mom through their laughter, support and sometimes commiseration! I wanted to do a little special something for them for Mother's Day so I altered some mini composition books and made some coordinating clothespin magnets and bought some chocolate, of course, .....lots of it!

Then I decorated the front of a plain white paper gift bag and cut off the front handle so I could hang them on their front doors as a suprise on Sunday ! Hopefully this little gesture will go a long way in showing them how special they are!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Bright Side

It's no secret, I LOVE Shade Clothing. In fact, I am relaxing right now in the Striped Boyfriend Tee in gray and white, but there I go getting distracted!

Shade has partnered with United Way for this fabulous campaign and 50% of the proceeds are distributed to families in need throughout the nation. Chelsea Rippy, the owner and CEO of Shade, wanted to find a way to help those effected by the economic downturn while spreading a message of hope and optimism. And as an added bonus, they just happen to be adorable.

I'm Lovin' it Monday

I have had a very creative last few days (posts to come) so I had to narrow it down for today's picks.

First, I am lovin' this great Jane Market Bag pattern from Alicia Paulson over at Posie Gets Cozy . I can't wait to use mine out shopping and what a great, easy gift to make. Added bonus, downloadable about instant gratification!

If I have mentioned this before let me tell you again how much I love Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens and Mists. The stencils are easy to wash, sturdy and reusable and are such an easy way to add an elegant and subtle detail to your paper craftin, layouts, etc. You don't even want me to get started on how great the mists are....we could be here all day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kids, they are here to entertain us!

So after dinner, we decided to get in the car and go for a drive. As part of this ritual, we stopped at the drive-thru Starbucks to pick up hot cocoas and chocolate milk. While in the line at the drive-thru, the famous "no nap Cooper" fell fast asleep. He woke up long enough to take about two sips and then he fell back asleep. Enter cell phone So as we are laughing in the front, we keep hearing empty straw slurping sounds so we turn around to
For the rest of the drive, he stayed like this and every once and awhile you could hear the empty straw slurping as he tried to drink in his sleep. How he slept through the laughter, tears, and snorts, I have NO idea