Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Cooper

We survived another party and what fun we had! Follow the dino tracks for a quick wrap-up...
We had tables set up with dino balloons (upside down balloons with dino faces drawn on) and table settings weighed down with sidewalk chalk eggs. I had a hard time finding non-scary dinosaur supplies so we improvised!

I used a dinosaur border punch from EK Success (purchased at Michaels) and punches borders on carstock as a placemat.

The goodie bags were plastic pail and shovels filled with goodies and dinosaur color sheets I printed from online.

Each kiddo got a dinosaur hat. Quick tip: to avoid having to size 30 hats or deal with yarn, use pipecleaners. A two second twist and it is done....viola!

Cooper loved the bouncer (this was before the crowd) at one point we had thirty kids going crazy in our yard :o)

Had to sneak in a photo of the party skirt. No, I am NOT pregnant. Some people have beer guts, I seem to be devolping a hot cocoa gut.

And what party is complete without a two year old wielding a baseball bat?

Someone forgot to give Cooper the memo that we don't eat the candle......

and finally, present time!!! Happy Birthday Cooper !

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The Young Family said...

What a fun party! Oh and can you put a note by the picture that I am in the background that I am also not pregnant, thanks!