Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just love apron swaps, as if you didn't notice. The Busy Bee Apron Swap is wrapping up and was hosted by the talented duo Shawnee and Lucy! The theme was gardening and you were able to pick whether you wanted a gathered apron, gardening apron or a garden party apron. This is what I received my partner, Cynthia along with some other great goodies. I just love the color scheme, it defintitely reminds me of a summer garden and this pattern is one of my favorites, although I've only ever made them as gifts! Thanks again Cynthia

And here is the apron I made for my partner. She requested this pattern and mentioned that she loved polka dots and morning glories, so I think I covered all my bases!


Tiff said...

I'm so loving aprons right now. They are so fun! I love both of those! How cute!


I Love Love Love my Polkadottie Apron!!

You did a Fabulous job both in Sewing & Creating a Special Apron just for Lucky ol' Me!

Thank You for Taking all my Likes & Combining them into My New Favorite Apron:)

Thank You!