Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am doing the happy dance

.....can't you tell? Both feet together, elbows tucked with fists by my chest and some awkward bouncing and rocking without any rhythm. Okay, so you are lucky not to have to witness the happy dance....
And why am I doing this joyful jig? Because the beautiful cardigan below is on it's way to me! I have been drooling over the Boyer Cream cardigan since I saw it on this blog but could never justify the price until I went to admire it again longingly today and saw it on sale for 50% off. "Click", mine! It is still a little splurge and it breaks my "no dry clean only rule" but it is soooooo.......worth it!

now if only this swimsuit would go on sale!


The Young Family said...

We just got a wedding announcement and the bride to be was wearing this sweater and I was drooling over it, wondering where she got it! Anthropologie...figures! I'm so excited that you got it, on sale!

Tiff said...

OOOHH how beautiful! You need to take a picture of you in it when you get it!!