Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our "Great American" Adventure

Today we had one of the best days! We went to Great America Theme Park in San Francisco and everything went smoothly. No lines, no yelling, no melt downs..........just a great day as a family (although my hubby being there would have made it better).

Usually I make my husband do "ride duty" when it comes to the roller coasters and loopty doop rides but in his absence, the job fell on me. After a few rides with my eyes closed and one heart felt prayer to let me survive (that was on the Grizzly ) I loosened up, opened my eyes and enjoyed feeling like a kid again. Ever since I became a Mom, I have had so much more to worry about losing and I have developed so many new fears (including heights) so it felt really good to push them aside for awhile!

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Bella Boutique Creations said...

Great pics girlfriend! We are off to Old Dominion next week, another great theme park.

Go check out Flat Betty and her recent trip post!