Sunday, May 4, 2008

Donna Downey Project No. 4-Throw Pillow

Yes, number 4 and no...... you didn't miss number 3. My third project from Donna Downey's book Fabric Scrapbooking is secret for now as it is a present for a little someone who likes to read this blog.

I made this photo throw pillow this morning for my MeeMaw using some of my new fabric from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Collection. It took me maybe and hour (because of the photo layout) and I love the way it came out!


Tiff said...

TOO Cute! How did you get the photo's on the fabric?

Debye said...

I used Colorfast Sew-in Inkjet Fabric Sheets that I picked up at Michaels

Dee Light said...

Oh my goodness!! I just love this!

T Rex said...

My talented sis! I love it!
You make the most amazing things.