Friday, May 30, 2008

Be an Apron Angel

My son Jonas and I worked on this apron for Apron Angels which is a group started by my fellow Apronista, Lucy. Here is a little information about it from Lucy. You can also visit her blog for more information!

"Ladies,The community I live in was hit very hard by tornadoes on May 10th. Many of my friends and neighbors were left homeless or suffered severe damage to their homes. The Red Cross and other organizations have been working hard to help them with food, clothing, and the resources to rebuild.I am making a call to all the Apron Angels that have contacted me (or wanted to contact me) with offers to send aprons to those that needed them. I would love to be able to send an apron to as many of these women as possible to send them a message of hope and love. They don't need donations of clothing and such right now because the community is seeing to those needs. This donation is one of the heart from one woman to another. If you would like to participate, please send me an email at . We would like to raise about 100 aprons and will be collecting and distributing them over the next several weeks."

If you are an apron fan and are interested in joining Apronista, please don't hesitate to contact me regarding an invite!

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