Thursday, February 7, 2008

Teething Tips- Your own Teething Survival Kit

Cooper's 5th tooth in just one week broke through this morning and the poor fella has been pathetic. 5 teeth in 7 days sounds almost like a movie title, so I thought I would pass on a few teething tips........

  • Give your child a firm rubber teething ring, versus hard plastic. My son loves chewing on the bangle from our teething jewelry.

  • Cut a piece of banana and put it in a mesh fresh food baby feeder (example shown). These can be found at most grocery stores and at Target. Put it in the freezer long enough to chill well and give to baby. Grapes also work well.
  • Soak a baby washcloth in juice or water, wring it a little and put it in the freezer. Your little one will love to suck and chew on it.

  • Massage babies gums with your finger. This helps eliviate the pain!

  • Chill Teething biscuits for extra comfort

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