Friday, February 22, 2008

Chase's New Fear, Move Over Boogy Man

Okay, this one HAS to go in the book for strangest childhood fear. My 4-year-old Chase is scared of no other than......(drum roll please)................ Lindsay Lohan!

Why? He says she is evil and he is scared she is hiding in his room.

Now of course Lindsay Lohan isn't "evil" and Chase actually has no idea who she is. His older brother and cousin were quoting a joke from a ventriloquest show that had her name in it and it took off from there!

The Boogey Man is SO out, being scared of the "evil" Lindsay Lohan is in!


Graceful Babies said...

OMG!! that is too funny! Lohan is a bit scarey in some pictures of her drinking on the town...haha

Our boys must be on the same schedule cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm still in tears! I have laughed so much it hurts! It's ok if she is under Chase's bed... just don't catch that handsome husband of yours looking under ya'lls bed!!! Love, Your Mother
"Nana Bee"


Tiff said...

My three year old used to be terrified of bubble gum! He would howl and hide every time he saw us chewing gum.