Friday, February 1, 2008

Make Learning Fun

As a former preschool teacher I have created and tested my fair share of learning games yet for some reason I found myself resorting to boring flashcards with my 4 year-old that he quickly grew tired of.

So I brushed the cobwebs off my preschool brain and began creating new fun, fashionable and quality versions of tried and true games I used to play and my son is in heaven. I am getting ready to release some of these handmade games on my Etsy Store but here is a sneak peak of one of the games that I will be offering, along with a quick tutorial:

ABC Magnet Fishing


chipboard letters ( I get mine from YMBD, she is a great inspiration)
Quality Card Stock
Googly eyes
Paper Clips
Wooden Dowel (cut in half)
Decorative Wrap (optional)
hot glue sticks
craft glue
hot glue gun
INSTRUCTIONS: Cut out 26 fish from cardstock. Glue one letter from the alphabet on each fish, apply googly eye and attach paperclip. Cut wooden dowel in half. Drill hole through one end of dowel (for twine to go through) then drill a hole through the cork. Thread one end of twine through the dowel and one through the cork and knot. Hot glue magnet to the cork. Wrap ribbon around seam of cork and magnet and affix with hot glue. Cut decorative wrap about .5" shorter then length of dowel (width about 3") and glue around dowel. Wrap ribbon around each seam end and affix with hot glue. Now go fish!

More Fun than flashcards, ABC Magnet Fishing is designed to encourage learning through play and family interaction. Can be played by one player, or a classroom full of children!

Ideas: While child is still learning the alphabet, they can fish for letters. Each letter they guess correctly, they can keep. The others go back into the lake! As the child progresses, the game can evolve to what sound the letter makes or name a word that starts with the letter!

Helpful Tips: For younger children you can add more paperclips to each fish so they are easier to catch. It is helpful to have a “fishing pail” close by for your little one(s) to put their fish in. Also, for early learning, you can limit the amount of ABC fish you introduce (say 5 at a time) to help with their self esteem and confidence.


Tiff said...

I remember that game from when my oldest was young! I love the kit you made!!!

Tabitha said...

Had to come visit since you came over to my place! :) LOVE the game--and I loooove Etsy so I'm looking forward to seeing you on there! Can't wait to read more from your blog...