Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Lovin' it Monday

I am doing this I'm Lovin' It Monday while laying in bed recovering from a sinus cold (pity me yet). While surfing the web from my sick bed, I came across this wonderful product that made me smile.......Happy Tape!

The ideas and uses for this product are endless, I must have them all......well, at least a lot!

Another thing I am lovin' is It is like your personal online shopping bargain hunter. You sign up, pick your favorite brands and sizes, how often you want your "salemail" and you get notified of what items are on sale. My favorite part is that you get a picture of each item so you can just browse through the email to see if there is anything that you must have! Since they only display what is available in your size, there is none of the disappointment of finding a great deal just to discover they only have it in the smallest or largest size available!

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