Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Happy Halloween

Thought we'd share some of our Halloween Fun. We started with a spooktacular dinner of Mummy Dogs, Monster Mouths and of course, Brains.

Then we carved our pumpkins, Jonas designed and cut out the scarecrow one in front all by himself I miss cute costumes, the older boys just want to be scary and strange

Then we went on a train ride on a haunted train.............



Tiff said...

That Yoda costume is the cutest! I love it! That sounds like a fun dinner. I wish I had thought of that!

Anonymous said...

ANONYOMUS - NOT! THIS IS NANA!! - this is for "tiff" from "nana"(yes!-THE "nana") (middle child of course) told me i could be YODA for halloween- "cause, nana, you're so short"... my darling child, debye, did nothing to correct him since it's true... so after chase wore it last year and cooper wore it this year i'll FINALLY get my robe back!!! Happy Holidays to all the wonderful people i read about on my daughter's blog!!! love, "the nana"