Monday, November 24, 2008

I am still kickin'

Where have I been you may wonder....well, my not so trusty laptop crashed and died and has been (and still is) sitting at the manufacturers waiting for a new motherboard. Since the other computer in the house is frustrating slow, I haven't made it upstairs for much more then checking my email....and a little shopping of course!

I have been keeping busy preparing samples for my upcoming class on paper crafting and have fallen in love with making these frames. This is one I made for my friend Kelli and I have five more in my garage waiting for a good use once the class is over.

If you have emailed me and have not heard back, please let me know! I have been a little cut off from the cyberworld and I did not mean to ignore you!


Paula Prass said...

Beautiful frame!

Rebecca said...

Just beautiful~ :)

Megan said...

*gasp* LOVE that frame! Black and white are my favorite combo! So chic!

Wish I could come to your class and play! :)