Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, once again we have gone MIA, so let me explain! We recently had a wonderful foster son named Christopher who we loved very much and was unexpectedly returned to his mother last month. We decided to stay inactive for fostering in case he came back until we got a pleading call from Angels about an adorable little 2 month old needing a home who was in a Spica cast which means he has one whole leg, his entire torso and half of the other leg in a cast with a cut out for the diaper area (which isn't much of a cut out, I am sure you can imagine how gross it can get).

This unexpected bundle of joy came with lots of fun BUT he also came with sleepless nights and multiple doctor appointments! And just when things were starting to calm down and it was time to focus on Christmas coming in just a few days we got a call from Christopher's mom asking us to come pick him up and take care of him from now on. So now we had a baby, two toddlers, a five and twelve year-old, company coming to town, Christmas baking to do, a formal dinner to plan, wrapping galore and needless to say my blogging life was pushed aside.

Now none of this is meant as a complaint. We are blessed to have the opportunity to help these little fellas and having them all here for Christmas was a wonderful gift. I do apologize for the belated Christmas wishes but I do want to wish you a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Shawnee said...

I was worried about you.... sounds like you just had a very full Christmas. Bless you and your family for fostering. I'm in awe of that!

Megan said...

Hello Debye. What a HUGE heart you have! thanks for stopping by my blog for my giveaway. It's been fun getting to know you.

Love your etsy store too. As a mom of a new baby you have some great products.

I wanted to invite you to upload photos of your projects you have done using my tutorials as you mentioned in your post to the Brassy Apple flickr group! We'd love to see your creativity!


Happy new year!

Marlene said...

I think it is an amazing thing to do. Fostering that is. What a blessing you your family is to those you are helping. I am sure they have been a blessing to you as well. Take care and Happy New Year.