Sunday, October 28, 2007

Product Spotlight of the Week

After being a evacuee recently during the San Diego Wildfires, it was an easy decision to make these Kids Link ID Wristbands our Spotlight Product of the Week! While we were lucky enough to have been allowed back home quickly, many of our friends were not and were at shelters for many days. Although the evacuation centers, such as Qualcomm, were run incredibly well and had activities set up for the kids, most moms I spoke to said it was crowded and it was hard to keep track of their children.

There is no doubt that in these situations these wristbands offer mom's and dad's great peace of mind but they are great for everyday use as well. They work great for play dates, birthday parties and field trips because your contact information is safely inside and the host can call you in case of an emergency or when it's time to pick your little one up (I would have appreciated these at my 4 year-old's Birthday Party instead of a pocket full of scrap paper with parents numbers on them).

Each wristband has an insert where you enter all of your vital information (there is even a spot for medical and allergy information-see below). You simply fill it out, tuck it inside and place it on your child. It is hardwearing and designed for everyday use and YES.... the bracelet and the insert are 100% waterproof and can be used in the pool or at the beach!

My personal favorite is the camo wristband , my four year-old loves it and now my 11 year-old wants one too! They are fashionable, innovative and AFFORDABLE! They even come with an extra insert if you move and since all of the personal identification information is tucked inside the bracelet, it is out of sight to strangers.

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